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furiesfaction's Journal

Furies Faction
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We are the Furies Faction, a multiple system.
Currently, there are three core members.

~ Megaera / Kyou / kyouketsusha ~
~ Alecto / Liliane / lamialiliane ~
~ Tisiphone / Mischa / littlemischa ~

We also several sometime-members, who don't exactly live here:
~ The Green Girl / Elphaba ~
~ Older Brother / H. ~
~ Pink Kitty Girl / Yuiko ~
~ The Horse Rider / Judy ~
~ The Cheerleader / Claire ~
~ The Other Doctor / LC ~

You can read about the entities we named ourselves after here. And we rather liked this definition, courtesy of Wiktionary:

faction (plural factions)

1. A group of people who express a shared belief or opinion different from people who are not part of the group.

If you would like to know more information about one of our members, feel free to comment in that person's journal, or ask one of us by other means. If the person you want to talk to isn't around at the moment, don't worry: they'll get the message. :)

Multiples Code: MuC N [f;f/m/o] S.H+/Sd/Uv+/Mfl*/H"Heartless" A(b- r---!/+++!!) Or/w We^ Cc+ I-- OF(r o++) Past/psi/mag Fp^/uu^/es+/x+/~/# T++#* Xp+! (s/g/b/p/a/^!%#) Js/so Do R C++ So